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Registration for our November Session is now OPEN

We are now registering for our second session of Creative parenting Classes , which begins the week of November 4th.
We have many FUN activities planned for the session. We will have new songs, crafts, and seasonal activities.
Your child will enjoy music, exercise, arts and crafts, bells, parachute play, story time, snacktime, bubbles and stamps.
All the things your kids love to do in an hour long class.
Come have some FUN with your toddler.
You can download the registration form and mail it to me with a check, I can invoice you thru PayPal or you can call me and pay with a credit card.


We are now registering for our September , eight week session , which begins the week of Sept. 9th..
The only way to guarantee your special day and time is to register. .
You can download a registration form from the website.
Have a great summer and hope to see you in sept.

Thanks for a GREAT year.

We just ended our regular session this week. I want to say “THANK YOU ” you to everyone who participated in “CREATIVE PARENTING CLASSES” this year. What a fun year.
I have the best job in the world, meeting you and your wonderful children. It is so much fun to watch them grow and change each week.
Thank you for a sharing an hour each week with me.

I hope you have a wonderful Summer. enjoy your precious children and I hope to see you back in CREATIVE PARENTING CLASSES in September.
Registration is sure to sign up.

CREATIVE PARENTINGCLASSES are now registering for September

We just opened registration for our September classes.
Before you get into Summer mode , be sure to sign your toddler up for the day and time that you want and /or need.
Alot of moms like to sign up now before they forget. Come later in the Summer, many classes are full.
All classes are listed on the registration form.
Come have some FUN with your toddler.
Remember that we offer a three year old class on Thursday, either 9:10 or 10:45 and on Friday at 10:30. Even if you child is going to preschool, this is a fun time you can spend together. Your child must be three by the end of December to start this class in September.
I look forward to having you in CREATIVE PARENTING CLASSES.

We are now registering for our Late Spring/Summer six week session.

Registration for our six week session is now open. These classes start the week of May 20th and end the week of June 24th.
These classes are held in Newtown only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Registration is OPEN to everyone.

The Tuesday and Wednesday classes are 9:25 and 10:30 and the Thursday classes are three year old classes, eith 9:10 or 10:45. Your child must be three y the end of August to join this class.

We will be having a Strawberry Party,Father’s Day Surprise, Color day and a Beach Party. This session is so much fun. The cost is 120.00 for the regular class and 150.00 for the three year old class.
Contact me and I will email you a registration form.
Come have some FUN with your toddler.