We are now registering for our September 2021 Classes !!!!!

Creative Parenting Classes are preparing to OPEN safely in September.
We will follow CDC guidelines.

This class is for toddlers, 16 months through 3 years old and a special adult.
During each hour long class your child will make a craft, socialize with other kids during free play,sing,dance,exercise,enjoy fingerplays,bells, parachute play,bubbles, snack and storytime !!!!
All the things your child loves in an hour long class.

We have a special 1 1/2 hour class for kids who will be three by Dcember 15. This is only in Newtown 9on Thurs. or Fri.
This class is a great prep for preschool . It is likie a min preschool but with y9ou there for support.

Come have some FUN with your toddler.


  1. I have a 3 year old and a 13 month old would there be anything they both could do? Ty

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