We are now registering for our Late Spring Four Week session

Happy Spring
We are registering for our four week late Spring /Summer session , which starts the week of May 20th thru June 10th. These classes are held in Newtown only, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday(three year old class)
We start at 16 months and go thru 3 years. The three years old class is the perfect prep for kids going to school in Sept. These classes are held on Thursday at 10:00.
Children must be three by the end of Aug. to join this class.
The four week session is a really fun session… we have a Strawberry Party, we have a beach party and so much more.
The regular class is 125.00 and the three year old class is 165.00

September registration is also open. Many moms like to register for a special day and time because of other commitments.
Now you can sign up and forget about it. the regular, hour long class is 165.00 and the three year old class is 205.00
The three year old class is on Thursday 9:10 to 10:40 and 10:30 to 12:15 and Friday, from 10:30 to 12:00. Children must be three by Dec. 15th to start this class in Sept.

I have tried to keep the prices low and there is no registration fee. The price includes, a craft, handouts and a snack. If you compare classes you will see what a great deal this is. Creative Parenting Classes are a FULL hour too. Remember, if you bring more than one child, it is half off the second child.

THANK YOU for passing this on, your help in doing this enables me to keep my fee low.
Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.
215-322-5755 sixfisher@msn.com.

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Have a wonderful Spring.
Maryanne Fisher

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