Eight weeks of fun learning activities

Our classes emphasize simple craft building and play time to enhance individual creativity, enforce learning of simple activities, and encourage an early interest in reading. Both kids and parents have lots of fun together!

The Creative Parenting program consists of hour-long sessions, held once a week for eight weeks. We hold classes from September through June. Our program is structured into the three segments described here.

1. Simple craft building and play time enhance individual creativity.

Our themed activities use a variety of art mediums that are messy and fun! Your toddler will have the opportunity to make a simple craft with your encouragement. We strive for your child to have creative experiences, not to make a perfect replica of a sample.

Your child will also have some time for free play. As the children grow more comfortable with their surroundings, we will encourage joint play as children this age need peer stimulation. This is also a great time for parents to talk and exchange ideas.

2. Circle time enforces learning of simple activities.

These activities include songs, fingerplays, and simple exercises that require repetition to be learned. We sing many seasonal songs and old favorites. We play with bells and bubbles and the favorite of many, the parachute! Children have a great time and they don’t realize they are learning .

 3. Story time encourages an early interest in reading.

Each child will have a snack while listening to a story. We emphasize a love of reading. Your child will develop listening skills as well as vocabulary if he or she is read to daily. An early interest in reading will encourage your child’s development in many areas.

Parents also have an opportunity to talk about being a parent. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.