About our classes, in the words of our families

We think the words of these Creative Parenting families speak best about the effectiveness of our program. Here is what they say . . . .

small_starMary Beth and Erin

Erin and I want to thank you for a wonderful year. Erin has truly enjoyed your class.

You provide such a warm environment for our children. For most, this is their first exposure to a school setting. How lucky for them because it is such a positive experience.

Please know that you have touched their ( as well as many before them ) lives in such a unique way that they can look forward to learning and growing in their future.

One thing Erin has embraced in her life has been all of the fun songs that you sing at class. We sing them everyday at bathtime.

Thanks so much for all of your kindness.

small_greenlightbulb_transparentGavin and Sandi

We would like to thank you for a wonderful year of FUN ! Gavin truly loves the class and is going to be so upset that it will not restart again till September ! What a difference from the first couple of weeks !!!!!

I cannot say enough good things about Creative Parenting and I am so happy Gavin and I got to experience this together!

You know a class is great when the parent enjoys it just as much as the child does!

We look forward to coming back in Sept.

small_sunDebbie and Jack Z.

Greeting Jack every morning down at his level with the warmest greeting, biggest smile, and using his name ~ Saving Jack an art project each time he missed class ~ Reminding us each time we missed a class when we could make one up that really showed you missed seeing us ~ Always remembering to include Jack and praising him for any task he did ~ Squeezing in the most amount of fun, love, and education jammed packed into one hour ~ Teaching Jack that art is fun and messy, too ~ Teaching Jack to be a good listener during story time ~ Teching Jack tons of new songs ~ All your hugs ~ Squeezing in bubble time even if we were running out of time ~ Celebrating our birthdays with a special crown and song ~ Including art work with our growing hand prints and foot prints with poems ~ Taking us on marching parades ~ Reading us a quote each day, reminding us to love our kids just the way they are ~ Sending us home with poems so we could post them on our refrigerator to help us remember that all of our kids are special ~ Giving out special stamps at the end of each class ~ Smiling when you noticed I used more than my fair share of glue at art time ~ Letting Jack sit on your lap for the entire class time doing “row row” and “Jack in the box.”

small_greenlightbulb_transparentScott and Susan G.

Thank you for providing a quality educational program for our young family. Thursdays at 10:30 am have become a wonderful one-on-one time for first Molly, then Max, and me. From the crafts to circle time songs, we will always cherish the special moments the Creative Parenting program structured and matured. You have consistently made us feel welcome and a part of the class even on days when Molly or Max woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or on a day when I wished I was still in bed (smile). Your enthusiastic, non-judgmental, positive educational approach lifted up our day and reminded me that each precious moment was just that – precious!

As the kids now move on to preschool, they will remember the songs and, most importantly, the “school routine.” I’m certain they will walk into their next class with confidence, understanding how to be an active participant and part of a learning circle. As, on those tough days, I’m certain I’ll remember the piece of advice you offered the moms each week, “Do something that makes you happy each day.”

We’ll remember our Creative Parenting days with the fondest memories!

small_starAmber S. (Levittown, PA)

Creative Parenting is a wonderful class to share with your child. The teachers are caring, activities are creative, and we are constantly singing the songs. It’s a fantastic program that I recommend to everyone!

small_greenlightbulb_transparentStephanie E. (Langhorne, PA)

All three of my children were enrolled in Miss Maryanne’s class as soon as they were old enough to participate. We went through every session until they were ready for preschool. Each of my kids still remember Miss Maryanne as their first-ever teacher.

Creative Parenting taught them their colors, numbers, socializing, the months of the year . . . . They learned how to socialize, how to not be afraid in a group environment, and how to play and share with other kids. Sometimes, my children (now 8, 7 and 5) still sing our favorite song we learned there: “When ducks get up in the morning, what do they usually say?” I always get a good feeling when I remember those days of Creative Parenting!

small_sunNancy M. (Southampton, PA)

After having done Creative Parenting with all three of my children, I have only the utmost respect and fondness for the program. The songs, the arts and crafts, the playtime, the adult interaction, and the incredible teachers have made parenting toddlers so much more fun. I will truly miss the program now that my kids are older, but have taken away so much from it.
I would recommend the class to any parent or caregiver who wants to enrich the parenting experience.